Heirloom Quality is Planned Perfection

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Furniture & Life

  • The dining room table where Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are enjoyed.
  • The rocking chair your grandmother always sat in by the fire.
  • The benches you and your cousins climbed on in order to sit side by side.
  • The hutch where your mother kept the family china and tucked away the silver.
  • The hall tree bench where your children hung their jackets and lifted the seat to stash their backpacks.
  • The kitchen table where you had all those heart to heart talks with your best friend; where you laughed and cried together over coffee or ice cream.

Only the best quality will ensure lasting memories for you and future generations.

How a House Becomes a Home

The furniture in your home will be the props, the backdrop and sometimes the stage upon which the story of your life is performed. These are the physical objects that will anchor and preserve those memories for you and for generations to come.

Select the best quality. Choose the wood you find most beautiful, the designs that suit your aesthetic to decorate your home, and the finishes that invite your touch every day.

The best art a home can have is functional art... the beauty of things used often and enjoyed completely. This is what we create at Custom Woods Furniture.

You might move into a new house, but your solid wood, handmade furniture will make the trip with you. It's your good furniture that anchors your memories, not the roof over your head.

How does furniture accomplish that feat? Your furniture is tied into those memories.

These are the memories that last, these are the gifts you pass down to the next generation to preserve the memories already made and to invite them to make more memories of their own... all while enjoying the functional beauty of handcrafted solid wood furniture.

Custom Woods Furniture.

Custom Woods Furniture... memories you can pass down.